Wifi to Fibre

TOI Technology supplies a powerful internet product called Wifi-to-Fibre in partnership with inAfrika. InAfrika has been around for about 20 years and we proudly recommend, install, support and sell their product. To apply for this you can contact us on 0174660010 or email to support@toi.co.za

Uncapped Wif-to-fibre (Home) 1-10

• 1 Mbps R 149.00 • 2 Mbps R 249.00 • 4 Mbps R 449.00 • 6 Mbps R 649.00 • 8 Mbps R 849.00 • 10 Mbps R 1,049.00

Uncapped Wif-to-fibre (Business) 1-5

• 10 Mbps R 1,599.00 • 20 Mbps R 2,299.00 • 40 Mbps R 3,499.00

Uncapped Wif-to-fibre (Enterprise) 1-1

• 20 Mbps R 4,999.00 • 40 Mbps 6,999.00


What is Wifi-to-fibre?

Wif-to-Fibre is a product that is sold to clients as an upmarket product that combines 2 technologies to allow clients to get a better product than copper internet. Wifi-to-Fibre combines that stability speed and bandwidth of fibre with 5Ghz Wireless technology to deliver fast and effective internet. We install a antenna on your home that conects you to our highsite and this highsite is then connected to High Speed ISP Standard Fibre Optic connection to international Bandwidth. Wifi-to-fibre deploys fast, installs quickly and is extremely scalable. We can supply 1Mbps to 50Mbps over this network and installation times remain less than 10 days.

Will I have wireless in if I get Wifi-to-fibre?

Wifi-to-Fibre describes the way in which the internet is connected to your home. This does not speak to the wireless inside your home or business. The way your network (internet access) is deployed in your building depends on the routers, cables or wireless access points is installed. By default we install a router with wifi ability.That means that you will have wifi connectivity to your laptop, smart-phone and all your other gadgets.

What is an AUP or FUP

Please read our full AUP HERE. AUP is an acronym for Acceptable use Policy, similar to FUP (Fair Usage Policy). Both these policies may be used interchangeable and have the sole purpose to ensure that everyone can enjoy a reasonable experience while sharing the internet with other users.

What is Estate Wireless

Clustered homes is deffinetely something that brings people closer together and enables more affordable housing. The layout of these homes enables Wireless internet service providers such as us to be able to distribute internet much cheaper than normal. This enables us to do installations and only charging connection fees, which enables us to re-use the same equipment no matter if the owner/renter moves. We will install one internet connection preferably fibre or wireless-to-fibre link to the premises and then either run cables or smaller antennas to interconnect the units. We do the same for blocks of flats. if you are currently residing in one of the following complexes you can make use of this offer.
Beuna Vista, Gayles, Villa Castelini, Trichardtsfontein, Sandveld.